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About RMSLive Products
RMS Studio

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RMS Studio Features

Touch Screen Support

Customised User Interface - Branded Media Player Available

"Hot Keys"

Drag and Drop Interface

Event Scheduling

Play-list Generation

Move, Insert or Delete a File Within a Play-list

Music Playout Statistics

Track Music Royalties Due

Designed Using Fail-Safe Software Techniques

Speed Search - add music from the audio library or hard drive to the play-out screen

Music Library Database - ID3 Tag Reading Capability

Broadcast Modes - "Automated Play-out" and "Live Assist"

Fade-in/Fade-out and Cross Fade Support

Set-up and Play-out of Commericals

Multi-user RDBMS Support (enhanced security, data integrity and flexibility)

Multi Channel Mixing

Quick Fire Audio Triggers

Rip & Read

DSP Plug-in Support

Satellite Automation

Compatible with Indpendent Editing Programs

Record Trasmission Certificates for Billing Purposes

RMSLive 1-2 Greenmount Office Park, Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W, Ireland.
Tel +353 1 454 8448 | Fax +353 1 454 8555 | Email info@rmslive.com