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RMS Features

RMS will seamlessly integrate into your existing environment allowing you to pick and choose the feature set that your station needs.

RMS is a modular based software system packed full of features:

• Sales, Traffic and Billing
• Newsroom Management
• Media Library Management
• Music Library Management
• Accounts Management
• On- Air Scheduler
• Classifieds & Small Ads
• Customised User Profiles

Sales, Traffic and Billing: Track the entire process from pre-order stages through production and broadcast, to transmission certification, invoicing and payment.

Within this module you can- create/view a booking, generate ad spots available, production of advertisements, view unplayed spots, view time available, certify transmissions, create voice over artists, view bookings history and create ad break packages and much more.

News Room Management: Create text articles for broadcasting and organise them into bulletins. An application called Newscast is used for reading out the articles on air.

Newscast is a system that integrates with RMS to allow journalists to broadcast entire news bulletins - including audio fragment - direct from the desktop. Newsroom journalists can build up a large database of articles and store them in archives - an invaluable resouce when researching new stories. All infomation recorded is immediately available online.

Media Library Management: Provides a central management point for all digital audio assets produced and managed by your business. All content is available in real-time to all stations using RMS.

Music Library Management: Maintains a central database of all music titles. Provides a powerful music playlisting engine, with support for artist and title clashing, playlist profiling and a lot more.

Accounts Management: RMS includes a fully integrated accounts package. It ensures that all items broadcasted are processed for payment and that transactions on invoices issued such as payments, debit/credit adjustment or a credit note are all recorded.

On-Air Scheduler: The scheduler is a core planning module that allows content and programs to be scheduled. It provides a central configuration point for the daily program log. The schedule control allows changes to be made in real time and an unlimited amount of content to be scheduled in the future.

Classifieds and Small Ads: Facilitates the structured organisation and storage of classified news items and/or small-ads. RMS can manage the content delivery, expiration timeframe and client billing.

User Profiles: Profiles can be easily created and customised to allow each user certain rights and permissions. In doing this, management can give each user access to the relevant module(s) specific to their job requirements. The user profiling capability of RMS allows you to tailor your software exactly the way you need it

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